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Internship seeker Ingénieur Généralise Génie des Systèmes Urbains Université de Technologie de Compiegne Compiegne on : Internship seekers

Internship Finland Engineer student Urban - Transport - Construction

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91940 Les Ulis

Prepared job(s): : Engineer in Urban system. Development of green transport. Buiding construction.

School: Université de Technologie de Compiegne
60200 Compiegne

Education level: Ingénieur Généralise Génie des Systèmes Urbains 3rd year
Ingénieur Généralise Génie des Systèmes Urbains
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +2
Last diploma : DEUTEC
Current educational level : +3
Prepared job(s): : Engineer in Urban system. Development of green transport. Buiding construction.

Duration of the internship: Min 3 month
Beginning of the internship:
2014-03-01 2014-06-15
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : Non

Cover letter

Please contact me with a specific project for more informations.

My motivation for going to Finland is personnal, and my wish of learning new languages and new cultures


Studies & Objective
Formation in engineering system in the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) to work on the development of transports in renewable energy and learning new languages.


Franco-German baccalaureate (2010)
 Spéciality Maths-Physics (French-German School of Buc - 78)
BAFA (2011)
 Specialty hiking – itinerant camping.

Project & Placement
 Project Management: Acquisition of a Dolly camera for a local association of Astronomy. Project Management - Design - Development. (Fall Semester 2012)
 Project GIS: Location of settlement areas carpool station in the town of Compiègne in the course GIS (December 2012 - January 2013)
 Project urban study of district in the town of Compiègne, during the urbanisms course. (October-November 2012)
 Semester of study in the University of Bologna (Spring Semester 2012)
 Project Workshop: Making clothes in metal for a theaters troupe. (Fall Semester 2010)
 Training period (17/01/2011 - 11/02/2011) Renault SOVAB
 Highschool training : discovery of company - Architect Office Peter Keidel - (Germany)


 French : mother language
 German fluent : European level C1
 English fluent : European level B2
 Italian: semester of studies in Italy
 Portuguese beginner : European level A1/A2
Technic :
 Office (word, excel, powerpoint)
 Logiciel Raster: Photoshop, Photofiltre
 Logiciel Vectorial : Illustrator
 AutoCAD
 Logiciel GIS : Mapinfo, Arcgis
Management :
 Event management : management of the integration
weekend of the school, of the Berlin travel in high school
 Notion of project management
Other :
 PSC1 (2010, retraining in 2013)
 Driver License B (2011)

Work experience
 Animator in Surf camp - (03/08/2012-31/08/2012) - Le Pylône (40200 Mimizan Plage)
 Speaker in Technologic club UTC - Classes de CE2, CM1, CM2 - Ecole primaire des Faroux B
 Sanitaire assistant with Aventure 05, 6-12 ans - (11/02/12 – 19/02/12) - Centre Léo Lagrange (Aiguilles en Queyras)
 Polyvalent employee (1/08/2011 – 31/08/2011) - Auberge de la Forêt
 Cleaner in the town's swimming pool (01/07/2010 – 31/07/2010) - Mairie de la ville d’ORSAY

Hobbies & interest

 Local Representative of ESN Compiègne, association of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in Europe.
 Music & Dance (Music : all genre, popular dances, dancing)
 Travels (New languages and new culture, Tourisms)
 Montagne (Alpes, winter and summer)
 Animation (BAFA) : Big games, sportive games, outdoor games, artistic works.
 Volunteer work in the Imperial Theater of Compiègne


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Office Suite Photoshop, Photofiltre Autocad, Google Sketchup, Arcgis

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : Driving Licence

Languages :
French : Native
English : Advanced
German : Advanced
Italian : Intermediate
Portuguese : Basic

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